Monday, October 10, 2011

blue lagoon

Such beautifully shot pictures in the perfect light. I can't get enough of beach shoots that have a pastel look with sandy skin and messy beach hair. So whimsical.
{via tfs}


  1. LOVE THEM !!! I love her eyebrows, i have been letting my grow out. Wish i had her body OMG i just seen the shoots of Rachel's home. So beautiful, full of color ...i'm loving them!!! Thanks for the post!!

  2. Oh I'm glad! I've been letting mine grow out too. :) I know I love her home, I can't get enough pics. I wish she had a monthly magazine of all her new treasures and shoots. In the meantime I'm loving her new book! Maybe your home can be featured in her next book... :)

  3. AWW thank you!! Your sweet Have a Great Day!! I wish she had a monthly magazine too, that's a great idea, you send that to her on her blog